Monday, May 6, 2013

10 ideas for topics to post on your Facebook page

Create a Facebook page for his company, it is now become the norm and many companies have taken the plunge. Once the account is created and the communication is completed, the community develops gradually. How to maintain? By speaking of course! That's the whole point of conversational marketing that support social networks. Talking, ok ... but what? For some, finding topics of conversation on Facebook is as complicated as engaging in conversation at a cocktail party where you do not know anyone task ... scary!

Your guardian angels marketers have done so for you a little checklist of ideas to post topics, where the art of "chit-chatting" on your Facebook page.

Your news: lounge, launch, awards received, new functionality, etc.. Tell what happens to you right now! Do not forget to add pictures, it is often very appreciated!

One of your products you can present in detail one of your products or one of your offers course pointing to your website.

Your customers: it is always good to honor a client as a witness, or even reference case study. To do this, do not forget to ask for prior approval to your customer!

On the relevant content: fully consistent with the attorney we talked, sharing an article, a video or a presentation with a comment adding value arouse reactions.

One question: what better way to encourage your community to respond to that question? Habits, preferences, opinions or sharing experience ... the possibilities are vast to ask your fans about themselves Remember however moderate the debate!

From a survey: it differs from the question that is often more personal. The survey includes responses pre-established. Take the opportunity to make the day before, it is convenient and effective!

From personal info (but not too): holiday tastes, information sharing, business life, etc.. your community will appreciate to know a little more about yourself and / or your team. Do not forget to show that there are people who work in your business!

The content of another page Facebook: just have to click on "Share" (share) on the contents of a Facebook page that you follow. This attitude is seen as positive because it is in a process of exchange, very popular on social networks.

Your blog: yes, if you have an active blog, it is essential to relay your articles on your Facebook page!

Your Vacancies: from your community, there are certainly competitors, customers or suppliers. In short, people who belong to your industry and are likely to have the profile you are looking for your vacancies. So do not deprive yourself of communicating your vacancies, it shows that your business is more dynamic!

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